Louis Vuitton Leopard Series

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To mark Sprouse printed this season, White Lodge Director Anita Fontaine to re-imagining their avant-garde Visual art, to pay tribute to this great artist.
New York graffiti artist Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton Leopard print
To mark Sprouse printed this season, White Lodge Director Anita Fontaine to re-imagining their avant-garde Visual art, to pay tribute to this great artist.
In the micro-film, using a variety of image processing methods, including photocopying, television static, VHS footage and features unique treatment processes, such as printing, and so on, so as to inject vitality into the picture. Inspiration all of those approaches from Stephen Sprouse’s own creative experience.Films focused on showing the 2006 year of original printed works, as well as the latest Icon of classic women’s clothing in that quarter series and early autumn clothing, both with Stephen Sprouse accessories.
More information on Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse cooperation
In 2000, the artistic director of make·yakebu in cooperation with New York graffiti artist Stephen Sprouse, reinvent the Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2001 collection. Stephen Sprouse is a former post-punk, decadent rock ‘ n ‘ roll (Grunge) artists and designers, with its 80 colours and graffiti prints with fluorescent paint.
Sarah Jacob invited Stephen Sprouse co-authoring some “cool and funky” works. Sprouse of the most praised is the use of photocopiers, copying and distorting with bright colors and full dynamic imaging, creating works of art. Legend has it that he was at the Sarah Jacob is about to come to Paris, on their hotel room television static screen with a rose-print digital inspiration.
After success in graffiti and rose prints, Stephen Sprouse was invited back by brand, its original Leopard print series for new cooperation. Cooperation was launched in 2006 after the death of the artist series, represents a tribute to the deeply respected artist, since then repeatedly appear in the Louis Vuitton accessories.
On the NEWS
The NEWS is Louis Vuitton exclusive e-magazine, through the Digital Universe to animation art displayed in the form of travel. Magazine providing readers with the Louis Vuitton all kinds of activities, products, values and stores and the world many travel and city information. Including taxi Adventures series of original video works, urban sex series and new series inspired by fashion film. The NEWS Magazine excellent unique, louisvuitton.com website constantly updated, brings a new experience for the reader, unexpected adventure and endless inspiration.
Louis Vuitton and digital media
Louis Vuitton “Louis Vuitton travel art” as its theme, was the first to launch digital communication strategy of full integration of luxury brands. In June 2009, it established official fan page on Facebook and Twitter where you have 6 official accounts, while Foursquare and YouTube also has exclusive channels.
In China, Louis Vuitton 2010 successfully establishes its own social networking platform, today microblog has nearly 350,000 fans; youku brand space viewed more than 12 million times; jiepang consolidates national 42 stores information, and supporting mobile device registration at any time. These three platforms together with the official website perfect Louis Vuitton 360-degree digital platform, bringing unprecedented experience for all users in China.

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Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama “unlimited” concept

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In order to celebrate the with Yayoi Kusama joint series, Louis Vuitton recently invited who is also the photographer and director KT Auleta filmed a the psychedelic concept video tribute to Yayoi Kusama. Video clips by the Yayoi Kusama iconic wave point lattice changes ongoing re-interpretation of her work in the “unlimited” concept.
“Unlimited” has been a concept that can not get rid of the works created by Yayoi Kusama, her mirror-like reflection caused by the unlimited extension of the effect of the room has become the most important works of art of the late 20th century covered with thousands of light sources, one. The person Polka points Princess of artists in the 1960s, lived in New York, began her artistic creation and clothing combined together, open up the Japanese avant-garde fashion aesthetic, this aesthetic force via Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garçon’s Sichuan Kubo Ling and other designers the work has become known around the world. Collaboration with Louis Vuitton this high-profile, influential sweeping the globe, Yayoi Kusama and Marc Jacobs are cheerful dots Jacobs clearly outline and grass mix together to form a series including jacket, handbags , shoes, skirts and other clothing luxury series, looked full of pleasure, to attract the world to join the world jumping wave point.
The news of the confirmed Yayoi Kusama, Louis Vuitton began the process of to tune all long-term appetite, from the beginning of the release of a small amount of promotional photos to attract the eye again later overwhelming worldwide publicity for this and Yayoi Kusama joint series, Louis Vuitton can be described under the feet of the martial arts, and fully express of Yayoi Kusama respect and preference of the birth of this series for me. Not only worldwide, including Pacific Place in Hong Kong, Singapore, Ngee Ann City, Tokyo Isetan Shinjuku branch and Paris Spring Department Store plans to open seven temporary stores show the outside of the capsule series of Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama; invited to the KT Auleta deliberately shooting a the concept video tribute. The KT Auleta this shot before following a collaboration with Richard Prince and Takashi Murakami cooperation Series after shooting again with brand Louis Vuitton. Movie “dot” is the protagonist, a single dot is the start, and gradually increase the number of dots, vivid, rippled pattern, put people into the wonderful world of a strobe. The film also use a bulb by fragmentation, sparkling night sky, and combined into a humanoid spot, with the rhythm and dynamic electronic soundtrack by hallucinations diffusion makes you feel pattern no center, no beginning and no end, maintaining Yayoi Kusama works consistently confused, a dazzling show infinity, infinite concept.

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Replica Louis Vuitton bags online

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Louis Vuitton Epi Alma With Celebrity

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Positive values in summer and autumn seasons, went to the global shopping discount hot periods.Whether you are shopping abroad or domestic shopping malls buying, discount shopping season, to be numerous MM favorite things, but you really do value-instead of white to spend it? Facing an array of merchandise, why not first take a look at this quarter the rate of mirror products for the highest star? so that Rob just discovered Trophy after the final cases. What’s out now in our hands? bag, of course. But how do you pick a stylish bag, is a sign of us women out of the street’s most representative, a beautiful bag as well as quality assurance, also have a design on the development, which means that this bag is suitable for your clothes match! Louis Vuitton Epi Alma series is enough to meet all our needs.
Today, the Louis Vuitton Epi Alma series was given the magic of color from changing. Vivid tones of twinkle makes the leather texture more legible, vibrant, makes this immortal classic ornate turn as a fashion symbol.
Launched in spring and summer this year, “Epi Alma” package is not new, is one of grew out of the Louis Vuitton classic, but the difference is replaced by bright colors to packaging, caters to the upsurge in the previous quarter, popularity is naturally of course!
Chamber actress Kirsten Dunst ingenuity of literature and art to select the black to match the black model of the whole body, which is perhaps the footnote to its distinctive personality and fashion attitude, cool you are young. “Sex maniac” is coming, don’t get me wrong, I am referring to LV Epi Alma brought Blake Lively color of magic, one color can make it a green dip so enchanting.
Careful friends may notice that fan bingbing’s going high fashion week fall/winter 2012, multiple times in the street carrying a different candy color handbags, this energetic bags from Louis Vuitton latest “Epi Alma” series! Fan Ye can always give a pleasant surprise appearances, even a “black widows,” there are LV Epi Alma looming and dress with black seconds to kill the audience. Increasingly international big Fan Ye children, what with the treasure, not afraid of Thunder and lightning, see this Orange LV Epi Alma, black trousers in white against the background, easily became the focus.
This Epi leather AlMA handbag, fashion and femininity. You can select multiple colors (Orange, Ruby red color, mint green, bright yellow, fluorescent pink, ivory color, violet color, and so on).Come to buy high qulity replica handbags online for women

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolor

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For the perfect honesty, he was long because I felt even slight color 100% of course always make its brightly color Monogram Multicolore canvas of Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore . This is an I read so severe and the beginning of this century and Jessica · Associated Simpson, and the economic crisis while she was still married to transport letters multicolor luyiluyiwei hastened to newlyweds, MTV and Nick · Jessica · Divorce and Jessica Simpson, most people are no longer bring juicy ladies sweatsuits, Louis Vuitton customers returned to the letters or other materials to a mark on a regular basis. Something as specific as / taste of color Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore can stay only at the top for so long.
This is why I was a little shocked recently to find Louis Vuitton attempted. The two Ray canvas version plate and complete, it is a new Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore color options, may account for some of the documents in a long time not that step thought. First time only I am not a fan of (all), but full of Ray Rose flaps, I dare say that interest me? After the jump discover several versions of the bag, so that we can discuss Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore color return.
I am a little surprised at all like that on me for the bag, stringray and Vachetta leather and a little white in the version as combinations of letters that have want to spring, very attractive, at a certain level. I am not an enthusiastic black Ray version or all the canvas options, but I do not see why they appealed to people who already like this kind of material. I looked and Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore and underlying contempt is not the first time in years if nothing else, said that it was. Perhaps too much.
Louis VuittonMonogram Multicolore.A smaller version of the famous Deauville vanity case, the elegant Trouville, dressed up in the ultra-feminine Monogram Multicolore canvas, makes a charming and distinctive everyday bag.Monogram Multicolore canvas with natural cowhide trim.Monogram Multicolore is a creation of Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton.Golden metallic hardware.Alcantara lining.Comfortable rolled cowhide handles.Exterior pocket.Double zip opening.Inside patch pocket and cell-phone pocket.Each Louis Vuitton handbag includes a serial number and Louis Vuitton logo, Louis Vuitton dust bag, Louis Vuitton authenticity card, Louis Vuitton care booklet, and Louis Vuitton tag. All markings and accessories are exact.

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Louis Vuitton Python Artsy

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Louis Vuitton know not perhaps exotic bags, their small table, but they should not be ignored. Visit our favorite Louis Vuitton shop in the online store purseol.com designer handbags a party more exciting to see what exotic bags they have on display. Never owned one, but I was like them. And why we can not I? Improving design of Louis Vuitton classic plus adds a new level of luxury in exotic skin contact and temptation.

Now, Louis Vuitton Python artsy to me. Available in black and grey, craft is a double threat for its classic Hobo shape and design.When this is when the skin of Python, I prefer a monotone color, rather than a natural feeling. It helps in their statements, rather than trying to design the skin bag. Python skin is not mood favorite of everyone, it is quite understandable. But Louis Vuitton handbags uses a look very high-quality, durable and luxurious impression.

Despite Louis Vuitton monogram are sometimes many, it’s the perfect job. Iconic logo engraved in the bag, which adds a dimension with a classical touch. My concern is only a drop of the shoulder for how long. Major worries is a bag of mine, sitting in too hot on my shoulder, so I want to shoulder gives enough space.

Louis Vuitton Python artsy handbags.A luxurious interpretation of bohemian chic,the Louis Vuitton Python artsy is truly refined.A gloriously ornate hand-woven handle complements exceptional monogram embossing and engraved golden brass.Python leather trimmings.Bag charm that can also be used inside as a key holder.6 interior patch pockets.Additional long zipped pocket.D-ring for keys and accessories.Sunptuous lambskin lining.Protective bottom studs.Size:18.1″ x 12.6″ x 9.4″

Louis Vuitton Python artsy comes with:serial numbers, care booklet,dust bag,Card, tag.Quality:Grade A+++ Super LV Python artsy Bags made of 100% Genuine Leather.It looks and feels the same with the originals.Few people can recognize it is not an original bag.What you can receive is just the same with the pictures here you see.

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