Louis Vuitton Releases Limited Edition Neverfull for America’s Cup Pop-Up Shop

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Louis Vuitton San Francisco Neverfull Bag

Louis Vuitton knows just how we like to commemorate an occasion: with a new bag. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Louis Vuitton Cup serving as a qualifier to the America’s Cup yacht race, the brand has opened a pop-up shop on the San Francisco Bay and stocked it with all of the Vuitton sports gear you could want. That includes one very special, limited edition bag: the Louis Vuitton San Francisco Neverfull Tote Bag.

The store also has limited-run San Francisco beach towels and sandals, but the bag, the latest in the Articles de Voyage Neverfull series, is naturally where our curiosity lies. If you’re a San Francisco native or resident with a lot of pride in your city and a love for Louis Vuitton, this piece is a total must-have. If Vuitton ever made one for Atlanta, I’d snatch it up in a second, so I can imagine that the SF version will be gone before you know it. The bag, which retails for $1,430, is only available at the SF pop-up until the America’s Cup concludes on September 21, so head down to Pier 27/29 while you still can.

Below, check out some photos of the temporary shop, which focuses on LV’s sportier products, plus some of the chic non-handbag items that will fill it.

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Louis Vuitton Perfectly Engineers ‘It’ Bag Frenzy

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Call us philistines, but we already considered Louis Vuitton an “exclusive brand.” But, lo, LVMH has been underperforming quite a bit this year because the brand had become too “ubiquitous,” reports Reuters. No longer! To regain some of that “you can’t have me” sparkle, Louis Vuitton released the Capucine bag (made from the same coveted leather of a special Swiss cow that Hermes uses for the Birkin bag, no less). It costs $4,600, a price tag that guarantees rescue from ubiquity and deliverance into exclusivity.

The brand built “It” bag frenzy like a pro: First, they cast Michelle Williams in a buzzworthily gorgeous ad campaign, then Angelina Jolie was snapped toting the bag around town. Then everyone from Hollywood starlets to Real Housewives wanted it. But of course, Vuitton only released the already sold-out bag in small batches, creating a months-long waiting list. (Nobody gets the bag until October, no matter how rich they are.) Congratulations Louis Vuitton, you’ve done it. Again?

Miranda Kerr carries a pink patent Louis Vuitton Monceau BB Bag (5)

Designer minis are currently enjoying something of a celeb heydey. Case in point: here’s a very casual Miranda Kerr, carrying both her son Flynn and a Louis Vuitton Monceau BB Bag in NYC. The Monceau BB is a teensy tiny update on the classic LV Monceau design, which originally made its debut in 1986. I love this mini Monceau because of its very subtle branding (something Louis Vuitton certainly isn’t notorious for) and rich, gorgeous color. (You can read Amanda’s full review of the Monceau BB here.) If you’d like to steal a style note from Miranda Kerr, the Louis Vuitton Monceau BB Bag is currently available for $1,720 at Louis Vuitton.

Do whip out those credit cards fast ladies, because 3 out of 4 colors are already sold out online, including Miranda’s fuchsia pink “Indian Rose” version. (Let us all pray for a swift online restock!) Regular PB readers already know that Miranda has an unrivaled designer bag collection – you can get the full tour in “The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr”, and “The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr, Part Two”. Yes, it’s a two parter, and rightfully so!

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2013 New Louis Vuitton W Series Handhags

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2013 New Louis Vuitton W series handhags ingenious Louis Vuitton broke the previous graphic design. Compact lines, reminiscent of the letter “W” shape. Bags will be launched once highly anticipated, Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon and other actresses will also Louis Vuitton W series bag out to the streets as a must-have item.

New Louis Vuitton W series handhags consists of three parts, a collection of many different fabrics. These symbolic elements inherited Louis Vuitton leather goods manufacturing glorious history, while another breakthrough design. This new series of bags with a new shape and material, whether in visual or tactile have brought endless surprises.

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Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Bag,Fan Bingbing Summer Street Beat

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Fan Bingbing recently appeared dressed in a black dress strap Shanghai for its movie “night surprise” campaign trail. Black as the main colors with her body destroyed lemon yellow Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Bag, simple and casual but full gas field.

In 2009, the U.S. female director Sofia Coppola visit Asnieres workshop, he put forward his ideal handbag styles: precious yet unpretentious. For example, in two classic Speedy and Keepall little improvement on the basis of style. SC handbag was born. This Louis Vuitton classic design now launched a small section and mini models, it was accompanied by a smooth curve Quetsche, Clementine and understated bold colors such as black and white, charming and noble temperament.

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Louis Vuitton Travel Series,Louis Vuitton four-wheel luggage

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Louis Vuitton Travel Series,Louis Vuitton four-wheel luggage is following the classic Pegase launched a new travel series after series of new products, will design the perfect combination of aesthetics and functional practicality, offer an extraordinary travel experience.


Unique retro curve cocoon shell, and sketched out a solid box.
Saddle stitches together: not only beautiful but also enhances the durability and firmness,highlighting Louis Vuitton’s top manufacturing process.
Absolute standard alignment Monogram prints, nude colored rawhide material handle and luggage tag, brass plated lock and rivets.

Manufacturing Process

The first hot compression canvas trolley case, the canvas is the perfect durability and stretch applied to the touch and damping effect.
Waterjet cutting technology guarantees box structure extremely precise and practical components.
After rigorous testing, if the trip once a month, use this paragraph Trolley cycle four years.
Glass fiber frame, low-key placed under the zipper to provide the process of opening and closing the suitcase easy to experience, well protected box items.
The four wheel trolley rubber material made from polycarbonate, reaching mute with shock absorption effect.

Louis Vuitton exclusive design of assembly parts ways with special features, making four simple easy maintenance trolley.
Every one of Louis Vuitton store is able to provide customers with quick repairs within 48 hours of wheel, handle or telescopic handle service.

Four trolley designed for travel in the sand against the rain, snow and the environment, which is designed to meet the courage to challenge the limits of travelers unimpeded needs solid items inside of the box will be placed and kept in good condition. Inside the space cleverly designed to draw on the Louis Vuitton travel hard case design. Every detail is completely loyal to the actual needs of the traveler, and even last-minute travelers during packaging reminds laptops also have a dedicated flat elongated pockets. A series of enclosed space and can be adjusted to provide a multitude of storage space arrangement method, no matter how much baggage can also be very well organized. Four trolley has both 55 cm and 70 cm in two sizes to choose from.

Since 1854, Louis Vuitton and world-renowned traveler who accompanied the master with meticulous craftsmanship and creativity to explain the essence of the art of travel. Now once again walk in the forefront of innovation, the brand can be proud of making leather craftsmanship applied to four trolley design and production, faithful to tradition while boldly innovative. Graceful coexistence with ergonomic design, making four trolley Louis Vuitton travel series became another star.

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2013 Jimmy Choo Fall Winter Ad – Actress Nicole Kidman stunning performances

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2013 Jimmy Choo unveiled in fall winter by Oscar Golden Globe actress Nicole Kidman deductive Winter ad pictures. By the Academy Award winner for Best Actress Nicole Kidman starred led. In order to show the film noir themes and works of reference Hitchcock strong and rich women attractive image, the photographer Mikael Jansson Nicole Kidman will portray a sexy protagonist, embodies the brand has always been confident ornate style. New season Winter ad will be released in August on the world’s major media.

Jimmy Choo creative director Sandra Choi stressed: “Nicole totally caught our winter 13 series of emotional and atmosphere portrayed her role this season Jimmy Choo woman multifaceted personality, strong, sexy, but also an alluring mystique . ”

Lens was caught her private moments. She looked seductive lens, reflecting the Femme Fatale features, with a woman’s right to lure and control your attention. You can not help but to be her magic control. Her hair was matted. DANE surrounded crimson plaid ankle boots, while CIGGY cigarettes lazily falls fingertips. And outside, the weak winter sun lit up the jungle silver birch, making it more mysterious impression isolation.

• peeping into Nicole Kidman’s personal camera, she was wearing a white skirt, simple clothing completely overshadowed the cool shoe charm. This is a pair of pointed stilettos, there is a T-strap and bow design. She teases stroked her ankles, eyes are staring at you. Her eyes are hypnotic magic, gradually controlling you. Isolation, away from the phone handset, the whole atmosphere is full of expectations.

She stood desolate woods beside the trail a scrap car, sexy temptation to cover up her ulterior motives. Are you getting close to her, she gradually intoxicated. TAMBA long black leather boots completely wrapped her feet. BLARE motorcycle bag is a symbol of her next journey.

“I really enjoy to perform a strong, sexy, and manipulate the overall role and I communicate well with the photographer, and his intuition is in place, and know my thoughts and feelings, and can be reflected through the lens.” Says Nicole Kidman .

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